Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome to the Amy Davis Fan Blog!

Hello and welcome! You'll find all the latest news on Amy Davis right here as the new American Idol season 7 begins. Hopefully Amy will make it all the way to the show this year, in which case THIS will be the place for updates and results.

Please send in all your Amy Davis media (pics, music, etc) for our multimedia section.

Also look forward to plenty of commentary regarding the new American Idol season 7.

Anyway, keep checking in. We'll update as soon as any news regarding Amy is available.


HuberLove said...


We are so proud of you! This is what happens when you follow your dreams. You are so talented, beautiful, and genuine - we know you will go far!

Much Love,
Jeremy, Amanda, Vaughn, & Miles

Roma said...

Talented, gorgeous, genuine and anyone who knows you, finds a lovely girl inside and out. Best of luck Amy.
love you,

abbymccauley said...

Amy, I was so happy to see you get so far in your Idol Journey. You look great and I cannot wait to watch you go all the way!! Best of luck!! Hard to believe you are the same "little girl" I used to know.
Love & Best Wishes, Abby

HuberLove said...

You truly are a beautiful girl inside and out! Your talent will take you there and your personality will capture and wow them all!
Love you!!

FilmSchool said...

You guys got to see that girl thats gonna be on american idol this season...amy davis.. She is a model and i think she is hot... check out

linda said...

I am so proud of you for following your dreams! I cant wait to buy your records when you famous!!:)
Linda Bourrell
(Nicole's Mom)

soto said...

Awesome Amy you have the IT factor to take this all the way! You have been singing so long and it shows dont ever quit cuz you never know. I am very proud to have aas family Good Luck and lots of love.

Kim, Tony, and the boys

wachowski said...

Congratulations Amy! We're rooting for you...hope you make it all the way! You have a beautiful voice!

Mark and Megan Wachowski

Greg said...

Amy, like I got talent, you don't need luck. :)

Shannon said...

Congratulations!! I am sooo excited for you and i always new you had the potential to make it this far! I've always admired your motivation and dedication to what you wanted most in life! The Good Lord has given you a wonderful talent!! You will be in my prayers and votes! :) I love you Amy and miss you!! Best of luck little lady!!!

Jen said...


I am so happy for you! I remember our days at the Hot Dog Stand....I screamed last night when I saw you on American Idol. I will definitely vote all I can!

Jen Lindemer (was Lambert)

lucasburger said...

AMY i wish you sooo much luck...!!!!!
Amanda,Jeremy,vaughn,miles an roma i miss you sooo sooo soo sooo much!!!!!!!!!

lucasburger said...

AMY i wish you sooo much luck!!!
Jeremy,Amanda,Vaghn,Miles and roma i miss you sooooooooooooooo you!!!!

capt said...

check out AMY DAVIS live